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>.<scared, frustratedRate it:
>:)Little devilRate it:
>:-(AnnoyedRate it:
>:-)Mischievous devilRate it:
>:-<AngryRate it:
>:-<MadRate it:
>:->Very mischievous devilRate it:
>:3Evil KittyRate it:
>:OangryRate it:
>:]evil smileyRate it:
>=^ PYuckRate it:
>>:-<<FuriousRate it:
>_<Frustation/ConstapationRate it:
>_>A sideway glareRate it:
?(Black eyeRate it:
?-(Black eyeRate it:
?_?Confused FaceRate it:
@:)I love my new hairstyleRate it:
@==Atomic bombRate it:
@>--->---A long-stemmed roseRate it:
@@@8^|Marge SimpsonRate it:
@_@Dazed; ConfusedRate it:
@}->--RoseRate it:
A7AFrustration or AngerRate it:
ÀA has a slurry head.Rate it:

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