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Emoticons Abbreviations

Browse 356 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Emoticons terminology and jargon.

:,(CryingRate it:
:-MaleRate it:
:-Someone Without a MouthRate it:
:- })Mustache manRate it:
:-#Someone Wearing BracesRate it:
:-&Tongue-tiedRate it:
:-(FrownRate it:
:-)Classic smileyRate it:
:-)HappyRate it:
:-)Happy FaceRate it:
:-*KissRate it:
:-,SmirkRate it:
:-/Wry faceRate it:
:-6ExhaustedRate it:
:-9Licking lipsRate it:
:-<Very sadRate it:
:->Smile of happiness or sarcasmRate it:
:-><Puckered up to kissRate it:
:-?Licking lips, or tongue in cheekRate it:
:-@ScreamingRate it:
:-CAstonishedRate it:
:-CVery unhappyRate it:
:-DLaughingRate it:
:-DJoyfulRate it:
:-DVery HappyRate it:

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