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FBI Files Abbreviations

Browse 619 acronyms and abbreviations related to the FBI Files terminology and jargon.

CIPAVComputer and Internet Protocol Address VerifierRate it:
CIRGCritical Incident Response GroupRate it:
CIRMCommunist Influence in Racial MattersRate it:
CJUCriminal Justice UnitRate it:
CJXCriminal Justice eXtranetRate it:
CKComposite KillerRate it:
CLClosedRate it:
CLCivil LitigationRate it:
CMSCoMmunist pro-SovietRate it:
CMTCoMmunist TrotskyismRate it:
CNDIConfidential National Defense InformantRate it:
COColumbia Field OfficeRate it:
COGOCOmmunist in Government GroupsRate it:
COICoordinator Of InformationRate it:
COINCOunter-INsurgencyRate it:
COINTELPROCOunter-INTELligence PROgramRate it:
COMFUGCOMmunist FUGitiveRate it:
COMM-FBIFiles and COMMunication Division of the Federal Bureau of InvestigationRate it:
COMPICCOMmunist PICture albumRate it:
COMPROSCommunist Party United States of America, PROSecutionRate it:
CONUSCONtinental United StatesRate it:
COSHHControl of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations of 2002Rate it:
CPCCommunist Pro-ChineseRate it:
CPDAICommunist Party Domestic Administration IssueRate it:
CPIRCommunist Party International RelationsRate it:

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