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Browse 4,154 acronyms and abbreviations related to the FDA terminology and jargon.

RRSSRegulatory Review Support StaffRate it:
RRSS (CDER)Regulatory Review Support Staff (CDER)Rate it:
RSBRecalls and Shortages Branch (CDER)Rate it:
RSB (CDER)Review Support Branch (CDER)Rate it:
RSGEMS (CFSAN)Regulations and Special Government Employees Management Staff (CFSAN)Rate it:
RSMB (CDRH)Reporting Systems Monitoring Branch (CDRH)Rate it:
RSORadiation Safety OfficerRate it:
RSSReally Simple SyndicationRate it:
RSSRDF (Resource Data Framework) Site SummaryRate it:
RSSRich Site SummaryRate it:
RSSRegulatory Support StaffRate it:
RSS (CDER)Regulatory Support Staff (CDER)Rate it:
RSVRespiratory Syncytial VirusRate it:
RSVIGRespiratory Synctial Virus Immune GlobulinRate it:
RSVIGIVRespiratory Synctial Virus Immune Globulin IntraVenousRate it:
RSVPResource reporting System Via ProjectsRate it:
RTARefusal To AcceptRate it:
RTAUReview and Technical Assistance UnitRate it:
RTEReady-To-EatRate it:
RTFRefusal To FileRate it:
RTFRich Text FormatRate it:
RTLReproductive Toxicology LaboratoryRate it:
RTL (NCTR)Reproductive Toxicology Laboratory (NCTR)Rate it:
RTMRecall Team MemberRate it:
RTRRecall Termination RecommendationRate it:

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