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Food & Nutrition Abbreviations

Browse 3,190 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Food & Nutrition terminology and jargon.

JITBJack In The BoxRate it:
JNOJust No OtherRate it:
JPJuniper ParsleyRate it:
JPBJif Peanut ButterRate it:
JRJust RightRate it:
JRNJournal of Renal NutritionRate it:
JTJersey TomatoRate it:
KKelangRate it:
KKerotinRate it:
KKraftRate it:
KAJKool-Aid JammersRate it:
KBKind BudRate it:
KBEKuhnhenn Blueberry EisbockRate it:
KBGAKentucky Blueberry Growers AssociationRate it:
KBSFounders Kentucky Breakfast StoutRate it:
KCKit CatRate it:
KCKansas CajunRate it:
KCFCKansas City Food CircleRate it:
KDKosher DairyRate it:
KDKraft DinnerRate it:
KDYKidney TeaRate it:
KERFKath Eats Real FoodRate it:
KFKnown FiberRate it:
KFKentucky FriedRate it:
KFAKentucky Fried AntelopeRate it:

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