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BTCBetter Teriyaki Chicken    
BTKBaloney, Tomatoes, and Kelp    
BTLBacon, Tomato, and Lettuce    
BTTBBetter Than The Best    
BUDWEISERBudweiser is the name for a beer made originally in the city of České Budějovice, in Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic.    
BUMPBring Us More, Please    
BVBottle Variation    
BVGWBrehm Vineyard's Grape Wine    
BWBoil Water    
BWBuck Wheat    
BWSBeers, Wines, and Spirits    
BYBrewing Year    
BYEBig Yellow Eggplant    
BYOBBrew Your Own Beer    
BYOBBring Your Own Bag    
BYOBBring Your Own Beer    
BYOBBring Your Own Both (Beef and Bottle, for cheap BBQ's)    
BYOBBring Your Own Brunch    
BYOBBring Your Own Bucket    
BYODBring Your Own Drinks    
BYOFBring Your Own Food    
BYOKBring Your Own Koolaid    
BYOMBring Your Own Meat    
BYOSBring Your Own Steak    

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