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Food Additives Abbreviations

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E1412Distarch phosphateRate it:
E1413Phosphated distarch phosphateRate it:
E1414Acetylated distarch phosphateRate it:
E142Green SRate it:
E1420Acetylated starchRate it:
E1422Acetylated distarch adipateRate it:
E1440Hydroxy propyl starchRate it:
E1442Hydroxy propyl distarch phosphateRate it:
E1450Starch sodium octenyl succinateRate it:
E1451Acetylated oxidized starchRate it:
E1505Triethyl citrateRate it:
E150APlain CaramelRate it:
E150BCaustic sulphite caramelRate it:
E150CAmmonia caramelRate it:
E150DSulphite ammonia caramelRate it:
E151Brilliant Black BN, Black BNRate it:
E1518Glyceryl triacetate (triacetin)Rate it:
E153Vegetable carbonRate it:
E154Brown FKRate it:
E155Brown HTRate it:
E160ACarotenesRate it:
E160BAnnatto, bixin, norbixinRate it:
E160CPaprika extract, Capsanthin, capsorubinRate it:
E160DLycopeneRate it:
E160EBeta-apo-8'-carotenal (C30)Rate it:

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