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AMCAnother Major Catastrophe    
AMDA Mere Drunk    
AMDAdvanced Monkeys Developed    
AMDAlmost Micro Digital    
AMDAlways Made Defective    
AMDAmateur Monkey Farmer    
AMDAnother Middling Desktop    
AMDAnother Million Dollars    
AMDAtrocious Marketing Disaster    
AMERICAAha! My Expedition has Reached India. Columbus has Arrived!    
AMGAnime Mania Group    
AMMAll Mighty Me    
AMOGAlpha Male Other Guy    
AMPAnother MPEG Page    
AMSAbsolute Mediocre Services    
AMSAlways Model Sloooowwwwly    
ANAA Non-Acronym    
ANAAbi Nick Aholics    
ANAAmerican Nerd Association    
ANALAnnoying, Noxious, Allways Lingering    
ANATOMYA Non Arithmetician Try Other Members Yes    
ANCAnother Naughty Coon    
ANGELAnnoying Nerve Grinding and Extremely Loathsome    
ANONAnarchy Now Or Never    
ANSAlways Needs Service    

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