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PREEFRPeople Really Enjoy Eating Fried RiceRate it:
PREPPerfectly Retarded Egotistic PeopleRate it:
PREPPrawn Roll and Egg PancakesRate it:
PRETTYPoor Rejected Exhausted Teardrops To YouRate it:
PRFPunk Revolution FreedomRate it:
PRGPashenka Of Rushen GirlzRate it:
PRIDEPerson Responding In Dedicated ExcellenceRate it:
PRIESTPaedophile Resident In Every Small TownRate it:
PRIESTPedophile Resident In Every Small TownRate it:
PRIMEPierre Renewable Integrated Meat And EnergyRate it:
PRIUSPretty Rotten Incomprehensible Useless piece of ScrapRate it:
PRMPixies Rights MovementRate it:
PRNPill Right NowRate it:
PRNDLPark Reverse Neutral Drive LowRate it:
PROProbing Rectal OrificesRate it:
PROBEPlainly Runs Only By ExceptionRate it:
PROFPeople Refuse Old FoodRate it:
PROLOGPiece of Repugnant Odious and Largely Odorous GarbageRate it:
PRPPhibrizzo Resurrection PetitionRate it:
PSPaint ShopRate it:
PSAPretty Strange AnecdoteRate it:
PSBPrincess Sparkle BunnyRate it:
PSDPrinting Something DumbRate it:
PSDPhantom Souls DomainRate it:
PSGPretty Silly GamesRate it:

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