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Funnies Abbreviations

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ROHRidiculously Oversized HeadphonesRate it:
ROLFReally Obese And Lard FilledRate it:
ROMRoaches On MagnetsRate it:
ROMRetarded Orange MonkeysRate it:
ROMRandom Order of MagnitudeRate it:
ROMEORetired Old Men Eating OutRate it:
ROPRelational Operator PigletRate it:
ROSHANResponsibility Obedient Satisfied Helpful Available NaturalRate it:
ROSYRemove OverSized YewsRate it:
ROTCRotten Old Tin CanRate it:
ROTCRetards On The CampusRate it:
ROTCRotten Old Team CowardsRate it:
ROTCRediculous and Offensive Training CorpsRate it:
ROTCRunning Off To CanadaRate it:
ROTCRun Off That CliffRate it:
ROTFLRoll Over The Floor LaughingRate it:
ROTFLDMRolling On The Floor Laughing Like Draco MalfoyRate it:
ROTFLMAORisking One Today For Lots More After OctoberRate it:
ROTFLMAOYSSTRolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off Yet Somehow Still TypingRate it:
ROTFLMDORolling on The Floor Laughing My Dentures OutRate it:
ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMTRolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard My Sombrero Fell Off And I Droped My TacoRate it:
ROUSRodent Of Unusual SizeRate it:
ROUSRats Of Unusual SizeRate it:
ROWYSORock Out With Your Socks OffRate it:
RPCThe Rabid Psycho ChikinsRate it:

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