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Funnies Abbreviations

Browse 9,180 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Funnies terminology and jargon.

ABSAAll Butts Smell AssociationRate it:
ABUAnyone But UnitedRate it:
ABUAlways Bloody UselessRate it:
ABUAll Bugged UpRate it:
ABVAnyone But VajpayeeRate it:
ACAdriana CoolRate it:
ACAmazing CatRate it:
ACAnal CatchRate it:
AC-130AirCraft with 130 Caliber bulletsRate it:
ACAAnother Confusing AcronymRate it:
ACAAlways Cancelled AirplanesRate it:
ACAAlmost a Chartered AccountantRate it:
ACAVEAlways Craps Among Various EnvironmentsRate it:
ACCAnother Crappy CallRate it:
ACCAssociation of Cheesy CollegesRate it:
ACCAll Cupcake ConferenceRate it:
ACCAtlanta's Chosen ConferenceRate it:
ACCA Crappy ConferenceRate it:
ACCA Complete CatastropheRate it:
ACCAll Cash ConferenceRate it:
ACCAlways Consider CheatingRate it:
ACCAmateur Campus ConferenceRate it:
ACCAllegedly Competitive ConferenceRate it:
ACCAll Crap ConferenceRate it:
ACCOUNTAlways Consider Cheating On Unexpected Nasty TestsRate it:

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