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RTORandom Target Optimizer    
RTPA'RAT-PACK' . . . . .'acronym'    
S3&KSonic 3 & Knuckles (Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles combination)    
SAATSan Andreas Audio Toolkit    
SALISIMS Access LAN Interface    
SAQSpeed, Agility, Quickness    
SCSector Clear    
SC2StarCraft 2    
SCDSega CD    
SCDSonic CD    
SCSSupercharged Counter Strike    
SFWSSix Flags Wild Safari    
SGBSuper Game Boy    
SGCScrewAttack Gaming Convention    
SGCStarGate Command    
SICSanitarium Insane Commandos gaming clan    
SICSocom Intrusion Crew    
SIRStuck In Reality    
SIRSuper Innocent Racing    
SLSafety Line    
SMEGSafe Marketing for Extreme Games    
SOPScroll Of Protection    
SOSSon Of Samurai    
SOSSons Of Storm    
SotGServants of the Galaxy    

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