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Human Genome Abbreviations

Browse 1,907 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Human Genome terminology and jargon.

ACGMAmplified Consensus Genetic MarkerRate it:
ACGMAmplified Consensus Genetic MarkersRate it:
ACMGAmerican College of Medical Genet.Rate it:
ACPAdjusted Crude ProteinRate it:
ACPHAcyl Carrier protein PHosphodiesteraseRate it:
ACSAmerican Chemical SocietyRate it:
ActbBeta ActinRate it:
ACTHAdrenocorticotropic HormoneRate it:
ACUAnnihilation Cell UnitsRate it:
ADAlzhemier's DiseaseRate it:
ADAAmericans with Disabilities ActRate it:
ADAAdenosine Deaminase ARate it:
ADAMA Disintegrin And MetalloproteaseRate it:
ADAPAlzheimer’s Disease-Associated ProteinRate it:
ADCAAutosomal Dominant Cerebellar AtaxiaRate it:
ADFActin Depolymerizing FactorRate it:
ADGACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) Dependent GeneRate it:
ADHAntidiuretic HormoneRate it:
ADOSAutosomal Dominant Opitz SyndromeRate it:
AECAtomic Energy CommissionRate it:
AEGISAn Expanded Genetic Information SystemRate it:
AEGISA European Genebank Integration SystemRate it:
AEPAsparginyl EndoPeptidaseRate it:
AFAPActin Filament Associated ProteinRate it:
AFIP/ARPArmed Forces Institute of Pathology/ American Registry of PathologistsRate it:

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