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Human Genome Abbreviations

Browse 1,970 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Human Genome terminology and jargon.

ALSAgglutinin-Like SequenceRate it:
ALTAlternative Lengthening of TelomeresRate it:
ALTALanine aminoTransferaseRate it:
ALTAbundant Larval TranscriptRate it:
AMAAnti-Mitochondrial AntibodyRate it:
AMHThe Atlantic Modal HaplotypeRate it:
AMIAAmerican Medical Informatics AssociationRate it:
AMOGAdhesion Molecule On GliaRate it:
AMPSAlignment of Multiple Protein SequencesRate it:
ANAny NucleotideRate it:
AnCFAspergillus Nidulans CCAAT binding FactorRate it:
AnCPAspergillus nidulans CCATT-binding ProteinRate it:
ANGISAustralian National Genomic Information ServiceRate it:
ANLArgonne National LaboratoryRate it:
APAcrosomal ProcessRate it:
APCActivated Protein CRate it:
APCAnaphase Promotion ComplexRate it:
APOA-1Apolipoprotein A-IRate it:
APOEApoliPOprotein ERate it:
APPAlzheimer Precursor ProteinRate it:
APPAmyloid Precurser ProteinRate it:
APSAugmented Protein SystemRate it:
APSAdapter protein with Pleckstrin homology and SRC homology 2 domainsRate it:
ARBAngiotensin Receptor BlockerRate it:
ARGAncestral Recombination GraphRate it:

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