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Human Genome Abbreviations

Browse 1,893 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Human Genome terminology and jargon.

NRRENuclear Receptor Response ElementRate it:
NRRE-1Nuclear Receptor Response Element 1Rate it:
NRSANational Research Service AwardRate it:
NRSFNeuronal Restricted Silencing FactorRate it:
NRTINucleoside Reverse Transcriptase InhibitorRate it:
NSCNeural Stem CellsRate it:
NSCCNational Stem Cell CentreRate it:
NSFNational Science FoundationRate it:
NSFNEM (N-EthylMaleimide) Sensitive FactorRate it:
NSGCNational Society of Genetic CounselorsRate it:
NSTNeuroStructural TechniqueRate it:
NTNucleoTideRate it:
NtRTINucleotide Reverse Transcriptase InhibitorsRate it:
NVBNeurovascular BundleRate it:
NWGNew West GeneticsRate it:
NYASNew York Academy of ScienceRate it:
OAINNOhio Aerospace Institute Neural NetworksRate it:
OBEROffice of Biological and Environmental ResearchRate it:
OBIOpen Biodiversity InformaticsRate it:
OCSOxford Conception StudyRate it:
ODNOligoDeoxyNucleotideRate it:
OGIOpen Genome InitiativeRate it:
OGLOcean Genome LegacyRate it:
OGSFOntology of Genetic Susceptibility FactorsRate it:
OGSFOntology for Genetic Susceptibility FactorRate it:

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