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Human Genome Abbreviations

Browse 1,970 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Human Genome terminology and jargon.

RACKReceptor of Activated C KinaseRate it:
RADARRapid Automatic Detection and Alignment of RepeatsRate it:
RADOMRapid Assembly of DNA Overlapping MultifragmentsRate it:
RAGRecombination Activating GeneRate it:
RAGERandom Activation Gene ExpressionRate it:
RANKReceptor Activator of Nuclear factor KappaRate it:
RANPRat Atrial Natriuretic PeptideRate it:
RANP-AAtrial Natriuretic Peptide Selective for Receptor-ARate it:
RANVRecombinant ANnexin VRate it:
RAPRNA-III Activating ProteinRate it:
RAPDRandomly-Amplified Polymorphism DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid)Rate it:
RAPDRandom Amplified Polymorphic DNARate it:
RARARetinoic Acid ReceptorRate it:
RBAReproduction Biology Associates, Atlanta, GeorgiaRate it:
RBAReceptor Binding AssayRate it:
RBDRAS Binding DomainRate it:
RBMReproductive Bio MedicineRate it:
RBPRNA (RiboNucleic acid)-Binding ProteinRate it:
RBSRibosome Binding SiteRate it:
RCERight Clone EndRate it:
RCGMReview Committee on Genetic ManipulationsRate it:
RCGMReview Committee on Genetic ManipulationRate it:
RCTDNAResidual Comet Tail Deoxyribonucleic AcidRate it:
RDGFRed Deer Genetic FactorRate it:
rDNARecombinant DeoxyriboNucleic AcidRate it:

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