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UNGUracil N GlycosylaseRate it:
UNKUnknownRate it:
uORFUpstream Open Reading FrameRate it:
UPPUbiquitylated Protein ParticleRate it:
UPPUbiquitin Proteasome PathwayRate it:
UPRUnfolded Protein ResponseRate it:
USDAUnited States Department of AgricultureRate it:
USDHHSUnited States Department of Health and Human ServicesRate it:
UTFUndifferentiated embryonic cell Transcription FactorRate it:
UTF1Undifferentiated embryonic cell Transcription Factor 1Rate it:
UTF2Undifferentiated embryonic cell Transcription Factor 2Rate it:
UTFRUnwanted Total Fertility RateRate it:
UTRuntranslated regionRate it:
UXTUbiquitously- eXpressed TranscriptRate it:
VAGVariable Antibody GeneRate it:
VAMPVesicle Associated Membrane ProteinRate it:
VAPFVariant Albumin Proximal FactorRate it:
VCFVaginal Contraceptive FilmRate it:
VDJVariable Diversity JoiningRate it:
VETVeterinarianRate it:
VGCVirtual Genome CenterRate it:
VGLVeterinary Genetics LaboratoryRate it:
VGNVermont Genetics NetworkRate it:
VHLVon Hippel-LindauRate it:
VHPVery High ProteinRate it:

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