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Human Genome Abbreviations

Browse 1,892 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Human Genome terminology and jargon.

SAMSmall Android ModelRate it:
SAMSentient Autonomous MechanismRate it:
SAMAScientific Apparatus Makers AssociationRate it:
SAPSlam Associated ProteinRate it:
SAPSecreted Acid PhosphataseRate it:
SAPSLAM-Associated (Signalling Lymphocyte Activation Molecule) ProteinRate it:
SAPStaphylococcus Aureus ProteaseRate it:
SAPSteroidogenesis Activator PolypeptideRate it:
SARASquid Array For Reproductive AssessmentRate it:
SASESOLTIASample SequencingRate it:
SATPSociety Against Testosterone ProcessingRate it:
SBGSeven Bridges GenomicsRate it:
SBHSequencing by HybridizationRate it:
SBSSociety for Biomolecular ScreeningRate it:
SBTPSerum Beta Trace ProteinRate it:
SCAMSubstituted Cysteine Accessibility MethodRate it:
SCANSequence Comparison ANalysis ProgramRate it:
SCAPSREBP (Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein) Cleavage-Activating ProteinRate it:
SCESchool of Continuing EducationRate it:
SCGMStem Cell Growth MediumRate it:
SCISociety of Chemical IndustryRate it:
SCOPStructural Classification Of ProteinsRate it:
SCRSustainable Cell RateRate it:
SCRWSecretion Capture Report WebRate it:
SCSSuppressor of Calcium SensitivityRate it:

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