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Human Genome Abbreviations

Browse 1,866 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Human Genome terminology and jargon.

SCRSustainable Cell RateRate it:
SCRWSecretion Capture Report WebRate it:
SCSSuppressor of Calcium SensitivityRate it:
SCTsickle cell traitRate it:
SCTStem Cell TransplantRate it:
SCTUStem Cell Transplant UnitRate it:
SCWSingle- Chromosome WorkshopRate it:
SDSperm DonorRate it:
SDSSequence Detection SystemRate it:
SESperm ExtractRate it:
SESolo ExonsRate it:
SEEDSuperior Evident Evolutionary DestinedRate it:
SEQSequenceRate it:
SERCASarcoplasmic Endoplasmic Reticulum Calcium ATPASERate it:
SERGGSoutheast Regional Genetics GroupRate it:
SERTSERotonin TransporterRate it:
SEXSystematized Exchange of XenomemesRate it:
SFGScience Functional GenomicsRate it:
SFRSex Factor RegulationRate it:
SGCStructural Genomics ConsortiumRate it:
SGDSaccharomyces Genome DatabaseRate it:
SGDSkeletal Gene DatabaseRate it:
SGDSophisticated Genome DatabaseRate it:
SGG(ZW3)Shaggy(Zeste- White 3) kinaseRate it:
SGGRStatistical Genetics Genomics ResourceRate it:

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