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Geology Abbreviations

Browse 1,140 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Geology terminology and jargon.

APGPAlexandria petroleum Geology programRate it:
APLSAdvantage Porosity Logging ServiceRate it:
APMAdvanced Power MangementRate it:
APTAdvanced Plume TreatmentRate it:
APTAustralasia Pacific ThrustRate it:
APTRAPpalachian TRailRate it:
ARDAcid Rock DrainageRate it:
ARManhysteretic remanent magnetizationRate it:
ASFAlaska Satellite FacilityRate it:
ASOSAutomated Seismological Observation SystemRate it:
ASRAquifer Storage and RecoveryRate it:
ASRAlkali Silica ReactivityRate it:
ASSSAlong- Strike Seismic StructureRate it:
ASTAbove-ground Storage TankRate it:
ATAll TerrainRate it:
AVOAlaska Volcano ObservatoryRate it:
AVOAmplitude Versus OffsetRate it:
BBranchRate it:
BABBBack Arc Basin BasaltRate it:
BCBlack CanyonRate it:
BCBlack CreekRate it:
BCEBefore Complete ExtinctionRate it:
BCEBefore Common EraRate it:
BCEBefore the Common EraRate it:
BCYBank Cubic YardsRate it:

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