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STAStatic Timing AnalysisRate it:
STBSet Top BoxRate it:
STCSilicon Trigger CardRate it:
STCSystem Time ClockRate it:
STDRsuspend-to-disk-and-RAMRate it:
STESection Terminating EquipmentRate it:
STIMSmart Transducer Interface ModuleRate it:
STKSituation Track displayRate it:
STMSynchronous Transport ModuleRate it:
STPShielded Twisted PairRate it:
STPSecret Tweaker PadRate it:
STSScent Technology SystemRate it:
STSSquatters Tekno SoundsystemRate it:
STVSTereo Video cableRate it:
SUSub-UnitRate it:
SUSUppressorRate it:
SUDSSudden USB (Universal Serial Bus) Death SyndromeRate it:
SULSoft UnderLayerRate it:
SVAStereo Variable AreaRate it:
SVCDSuper Video Compact DiscRate it:
SVGASuper Video Graphics AdapterRate it:
SVJSuper Video JackRate it:
SWSWitchRate it:
SWADSpecialized Weighing and DimensionRate it:
SWADLSurface Acoustic Wave Delay LineRate it:

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