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Hardware Abbreviations

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ALUArithmetic Logic UnitRate it:
ALUAAsymmetric Logical Unit AccessRate it:
AMADAirframe Mounted Accessory DriveRate it:
AMANDAAdvanced Maryland Automated Network Disk ArchiverRate it:
AMATAverage Memory Access TimeRate it:
AMBAAdvanced Microcontroler Bus ArchitectureRate it:
AMCAdvanced Mezzanine CardRate it:
AMIAll Media IntegrationRate it:
AMIArtist Management InterfaceRate it:
AMIAmerican Megatrends, Inc.Rate it:
AMOLEDActive-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting DiodeRate it:
AMPAccess Module ProcessorRate it:
AMPIAdvanced Media Player InformationRate it:
AMSAssociative Memory SystemRate it:
AMSAdd, Multiply, SubtractRate it:
ANDVTAdvanced Narrow-band Digital Voice TerminalRate it:
ANPRAutomatic Number Plate ReaderRate it:
ANRActive Noise ReductionRate it:
AOAnalog OutputRate it:
AOAuto OffRate it:
AOAAlliance of Overclocking ArtsRate it:
AODAdvanced Optical DiscRate it:
AOPAutonomous Object PlatformRate it:
AOSPAnd/Or Series/ParallelRate it:
APAlternative PowerRate it:

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