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PDMPrehospital and Disaster MedicineRate it:
PDNEPatient Doctor New EraRate it:
PDPPrescription Drug PlanRate it:
PDRPhysician's Desk ReferenceRate it:
PDUPerinatal Diagnostic UnitRate it:
PEPotty EmergencyRate it:
PECPerinatal Evaluation CentreRate it:
PEGPercutaneous Endoscopic GastroenterostomyRate it:
PEG TubePercutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy TubeRate it:
PEIPhoto Electronic ImagingRate it:
PELPermissible Exposure LimitRate it:
PEMPediatric Epilepsy MonitoringRate it:
PEMPediatric Emergency MedicineRate it:
PEMPositron Emission MammographyRate it:
PEMFTPulse Electro-Magnetic Field TherapyRate it:
PEMGPolyElectroMyoGraphyRate it:
PEMRPortable Electronic Medical RecordRate it:
PEMSPercutaneous Electrical Muscle StimulatorRate it:
PEMSPatient Evaluation Management ServiceRate it:
PEMUPediatric Epilepsy Monitoring UnitRate it:
PENParenteral and Enteral NutritionRate it:
PEOCPrincess Elizabeth Orthopaedic CentreRate it:
PERCPulmonary Embolism Rule-out CriteriaRate it:
PERRLAPupils Equal, Round, and Reactive to Light and AccommodationRate it:
PESProspective Evaluation SynthesisRate it:

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