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IEEE Abbreviations

Browse 723 acronyms and abbreviations related to the IEEE terminology and jargon.

CCRCounter Clockwise RotationRate it:
CCWComputer Communications WorkshopRate it:
CD-MIEEE Circuits and Devices MagazineRate it:
CDRTChinese Diagnostic Rhyme TestRate it:
CEGCertified Engineering GeologistRate it:
CFCFRCharacteristic Frequency Component of Faulted RotorRate it:
CG-MComputer Graphics and Applications MagazineRate it:
CIMPCentral Insertion and Monitoring PointRate it:
CITSInternational Conference on Computer, Information and Telecommunication SystemsRate it:
CLFIConfidence Level of Feedback InformationRate it:
CMSECenter for Materials Science and EngineeringRate it:
CMSEComputational Mathematics, Science and EngineeringRate it:
COM-MIEEE Communications MagazineRate it:
COMPASSCOMPuter ASSurance ConferenceRate it:
COMPCONSIEEE COMPuter Society International CONferenceRate it:
COMSOCIEEE Communications SocietyRate it:
COSLComplementary Output Switching LogicRate it:
CPIRConference Publications Information RepositoryRate it:
CPSCable Protection SystemRate it:
CPSAIEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz AwardRate it:
CSIEEE Computer SocietyRate it:
CS-MIEEE Control Systems MagazineRate it:
CSE-MIEEE Computational Science and Engineering MagazineRate it:
CSFECenter for Seabees and Facilities EngineeringRate it:
CTATPCommittee on Transportation and Aerospace Technology PolicyRate it:

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