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ENQAEuropean Network for Quality AssuranceRate it:
ENTAEesti Noorte Teadlaste AkadeemiaRate it:
ENVLEesti Naiste Varjupaikade LiiduRate it:
EORTCEuropean Organization for Research and Treatment of CancerRate it:
EPICSEconomics Political Interactions Cultural SocialRate it:
EPuSEvropski pokret u Srbiji (Serbian)Rate it:
ERNDMEuropean Research Network for Evaluation and Improvement of Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Inherited Disorders of MetabolismRate it:
ESFIElectrical Safety Foundation InternationalRate it:
ESPBEvropski Sistem Prenosa BodovaRate it:
ESTEstoniaRate it:
ETCAEconomic and Technology Cooperation AgreementRate it:
ETDBEgyetemi Tudományos DiákkRate it:
ETFDExtra Terrestrial Fourth DimensionRate it:
ETIElectronics Today InternationalRate it:
EUEuropean UnionRate it:
EUCTDEuropean Union Clinical Trials DirectiveRate it:
Euro NCAPEuropean New Car Assessment ProgrammeRate it:
EWIExecutive Women InternationalRate it:
EWIElliott Wave InternationalRate it:
Frequire food & waterRate it:
FAMIFuture Asset Management InternationalRate it:
FATAFederally Administered Tribal AreasRate it:
FAVCFederació d'Associació de Veïns de CastelldefelsRate it:
FCIFramatone Connectors InternationalRate it:
FDILFuture Daughter in LawRate it:

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