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Laboratory Abbreviations

Browse 3,335 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Laboratory terminology and jargon.

BACLBay Area Compliance LaboratoriesRate it:
BAGButorphanol, Acepromazine, and GlycopyrrolateRate it:
BALblood alcohol levelRate it:
BALCOBay Area Laboratories Co OperativeRate it:
BALCOBay Area Laboratory Co OperativeRate it:
BARLBiobehavioral Alcohol Research LaboratoryRate it:
BARQABritish Association of Research Quality AssuranceRate it:
BARTBiological Activity Reaction TestRate it:
BATBacteriaRate it:
BATBrown Adipose TissueRate it:
BBBBlood Brain BarrierRate it:
BBDRBiologically Based Dose ResponseRate it:
BBGBaby Blood GroupRate it:
BBIblood-bourne infectionsRate it:
BBLBird Banding LaboratoryRate it:
BBPBlood Borne PathogenRate it:
BBPbloodborne pathogenRate it:
BBTBlood Bank TechnicianRate it:
BCBase CurveRate it:
BCABichloroacetic acidRate it:
BCAABranched Chain Amino AcidRate it:
BCAPB-Cell Adaptor for Phosphoinositide 3-kinaseRate it:
BCCLBrain Connectivity and Cognition LaboratoryRate it:
bcebasal cell epitheliomaRate it:
BCGBacille Calmette GurinRate it:

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