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CEUClinical Effectiveness Unit    
CEVControlled Enviromental Vault    
CFClotting Factor    
CFColony Formation    
CFCulture Fluid    
CFCure Found    
CFCAColony Forming Cells And Aggregates    
CFPCyan-Fluorescent Protein    
CFTComplement Fixation Test    
CFUColiform Forming Units    
CGCPCurrent Good Clinical Practices    
CGFChlorella Growth Factor    
CHCichlids Haplochromine    
CHIConsolidated Health Initiative    
CHIPChild Hyperactivity and Inattention Project    
CHMCollege of Human Medicine    
CHODcholesterol oxidase    
CHPConserved Hypothetical Proteins    
CHQChild Health Questionnaire    
CHRISCellular Harmonizing Regenerating Integration System    
CHRISCellular Harmonizing Regenerative Integration System    
CICardio Interactive    
CIBISCardiac Insufficiency BISoprolol Study    
CICCentre d'Investigation Clinique (France)    
CICCommon Information Core    

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