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Laboratory Abbreviations

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AFRAqueous Flare ResponseRate it:
AFTCApparent Free Testosterone ConcentrationRate it:
AFTNAutonomously Functioning Thyroid NoduleRate it:
AGAnion GapRate it:
AGCActive Group CountRate it:
AGEAverage Growth ExponentRate it:
AGESAdvanced Glycation End SubstanceRate it:
AGIDagar gel immunodiffusionRate it:
AGTAccelerated Growth TechniqueRate it:
AHIApnea Hypopnea IndexRate it:
AHRQAgency for Healthcare Research and QualityRate it:
AICDAutomatic Implantable Cardiac DefibrillatorRate it:
AIDActivation-Induced cytidine DeaminaseRate it:
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency SyndromeRate it:
AIFAnemia-Inducing FactorRate it:
AIFAdherence-Inhibiting FactorRate it:
AIHAAuto-Immune Hemolytic AnemiaRate it:
AILAngewandte Innovation LaboratoryRate it:
AILAdvanced Instrumentation LaboratoryRate it:
AIPApoptosis-Inducing ProteinRate it:
AIPAutomated ImmunoPrecipitinRate it:
AKActivated KillerRate it:
AKAAntiā€Keratin AntibodiesRate it:
ALAfter LoadingRate it:
ALAbsolute LatencyRate it:

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