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RDRegio Dragamine    
RD(C)Human rhabdomyosarcoma cells    
RDDResearch and Development Documentation    
RDFRat Dermal Fibroblast    
RDIDResearch, Documentation, and Information Dissemination    
RDLRheumatology Diagnostics Laboratory    
RDTPResearch, Design, and Treatment Plan    
RDWRecht Der Wirtschaft    
RDWRed cell Distribution Width    
REMRapid Eye Movement    
REPPCRrepetitive extragenic palindromic polymerase chain reaction    
RESReticuloendothelial Sysem    
RFRheumatoid factor    
RfDreference dose    
RGRabies Glycoprotein    
RGDRubber Glove Dispenser    
RGMRapidly Growing Mycobacteria    
RHReleasing Hormone    
RhRhesus Factor    
RIBARecombinant ImmunoBlot Assay    
RibBRiboflavin Biosyntheses    
RICSResearch Informatics Consult Service    

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