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LMOMLaboratory of Macromolecular and Organic MaterialsRate it:
LMPGLaboratory medicine practice guidelinesRate it:
LMPHLaboratory for Microbiology Parasitology and HygieneRate it:
LMPHLaboratory of Microbiology Parasitology and HygieneRate it:
LMPTLaboratory of Metal Physics and TechnologyRate it:
LMSLaboratory Management SystemRate it:
LMSELaboratory of Microsensor Structures and ElectronicsRate it:
LMSPLaboratory of Multi Scale PhenomenonRate it:
LMWHLow Molecular Weight HeparinRate it:
LMZLaboratory of Medical ZoologyRate it:
LNCBLaboratory of Nanotechnology and Chemical BiologyRate it:
LNLLegnaro National LaboratoriesRate it:
LNLELaboratory for Natural Language EngineeringRate it:
LNMBLaboratory of Neurophysiology and Movement BiomechanicsRate it:
LNSLaboratory for Nuclear ScienceRate it:
LNSLaboratory for Neutron ScatteringRate it:
LNSCLaboratory for Natural and Simulated CognitionRate it:
LNTXLong-chain NeurotoxinRate it:
LOBPLaboratory of Biochemical PharmacologyRate it:
LOCILaboratory for Optical and Computational InstrumentationRate it:
LOCNLaboratory On A Chip NetworkRate it:
LODlimit of detectionRate it:
LOELlowest observed effect levelRate it:
LOHALaboratory of Housing AlternativesRate it:
LOICLaboratory of International CommunicationsRate it:

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