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MDLAMidwest Dental Laboratory AssociationRate it:
MDMAMagically Do More AcidRate it:
MDPMultidrug Resistance ProteinRate it:
MDRMulti-Drug ResistanceRate it:
MDRmulti-drug resistant/ceRate it:
MDRO(s)multi-drug-resistant organism(s)Rate it:
MDRPMulti-Drug Resistant PathogenRate it:
MEMature EquivalentRate it:
MEDmicrobial electrosynthesisRate it:
MEGMonoEthylene GlycolRate it:
MEJMedical Equipment Journal of JapanRate it:
MEMMinimum Essential MediumRate it:
MERMedical Education ResourcesRate it:
MESAMulti Ethnic Study of AtherosclerosisRate it:
MESLMicroelectronic Embedded Systems LaboratoryRate it:
METMicrobial Exploration TechnologyRate it:
MetMEThionineRate it:
METMicrobial Electrochemical TechnologyRate it:
MFMembrane FilterRate it:
MFAMean Flourescence ActivityRate it:
MFPIMulti-Functional Peroxisomal IsozymeRate it:
MFPMMouse Fetal Palatal MesenchymeRate it:
MgMagnesiumRate it:
MGMicoplasma GallisepticumRate it:
mg/m3milligrams per cubic meter (e.g. of air)Rate it:

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