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Language Codes (3 Letters) Abbreviations

Browse 692 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Language Codes (3 Letters) terminology and jargon.

CHYCheyenneRate it:
CJKChinese Japanese And KoreanRate it:
CKAChin, Khumi AwaRate it:
CNACentral North AmericaRate it:
COPCopticRate it:
CORCornishRate it:
COSCorsicanRate it:
CPECreoles and Pidgins, English-based (Other)Rate it:
CPFCreoles and Pidgins, French-based ( Other)Rate it:
CPPCreoles and Pidgins, Portuguese-based (Other)Rate it:
CRECreeRate it:
CRFCaramanta, an extinct language of ColombiaRate it:
CRPCreoles and Pidgins (Other)Rate it:
CUSCushitic (Other)Rate it:
CYMWelshRate it:
CZECzechRate it:
DAKDakotaRate it:
DANDanishRate it:
DCGDefinite Clause GrammarRate it:
DELDelawareRate it:
DEUDeutsch (German)Rate it:
DHKDhakaRate it:
DIKSouthwestern Dinka, a language of SudanRate it:
DINDinkaRate it:
DIVDivehiRate it:

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