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GALGuardian Ad LitemRate it:
GAPGloria Al PadreRate it:
GDLGradi Di LibertaRate it:
GILPia Flight CodeRate it:
HEPHierosolymos Est PerditaRate it:
HIHomo IconosRate it:
HOSHumilitas Occidit SuperbiamRate it:
HSEHic Sepultus EstRate it:
HTHorus TerraRate it:
I.EId EstRate it:
i.e.that is ("id est" [Lat.])Rate it:
i.e.Id EstRate it:
IBIDIbidemRate it:
ICImum CoeliRate it:
IDIdemRate it:
IEId EstRate it:
IEIndividual EducationRate it:
IEFIgni Et FerroRate it:
IHSIn Hoc SignoRate it:
IHSIehus Hominum SalvatorRate it:
IHSVIn Hoc Signo VincesRate it:
INRIIesus Nazarenus Rex IudaedorumRate it:
IPAIn Paradiso AbsolvoRate it:
ISQIn Status QuoRate it:
LDSLucs Dei SemperRate it:

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