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Latin Abbreviations

Browse 323 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Latin terminology and jargon.

EMULATEEmulatingRate it:
ENEx NihiloRate it:
ENNExercitus Nox NoctisRate it:
EPEx PupaeRate it:
EPFEx Post FactoRate it:
ET ALEt Alii (And Others)Rate it:
ET ALEt AliiRate it:
et alAnd OthersRate it:
et seqet sequens (and the following)Rate it:
et sequens (and the following)Rate it:
ETCET CeteraRate it:
Etc.Et CeteraRate it:
EUEstremisti UnitiRate it:
EVEra VulgariRate it:
EVElectrum ValidumRate it:
FDFidei DefensorRate it:
FSCFraternum Scholarum ChristianarumRate it:
GALGuardian Ad LitemRate it:
GAPGloria Al PadreRate it:
GDLGradi Di LibertaRate it:
GILPia Flight CodeRate it:
GOPGelatinous Otiose PRate it:
HEPHierosolymos Est PerditaRate it:
HIHomo IconosRate it:
HOSHumilitas Occidit SuperbiamRate it:

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