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London Stock Exchange Abbreviations

Browse 3,311 acronyms and abbreviations related to the London Stock Exchange terminology and jargon.

0P2JAscencio Sca ReRate it:
0P2KAlteo Energy OrRate it:
0P2LJoyou OrdRate it:
0P2MPti OrdRate it:
0P2NFerrovial OrdRate it:
0P2OAlbion TechnoloRate it:
0P2PVivenda Media GRate it:
0P2QAgrogorica OrdRate it:
0P2RDalet OrdRate it:
0P2SCytrustees InveRate it:
0P2TTranspol OrdRate it:
0P2UWadex OrdRate it:
0P2VOtmuchow OrdRate it:
0P2WAmadeus OrdRate it:
0P2XZue, S.A. Ordinary Shares (de-listed)Rate it:
0P2YPlotinus OrdRate it:
0P2ZInterbud OrdRate it:
0P30Patrimoine Et CRate it:
0P31Ormester OrdRate it:
0P32Milkiland OrdRate it:
0P33Gartmore IrishRate it:
0P34Siparex CroissaRate it:
0P35OemRate it:
0P36Brit InsuranceRate it:
0P37Aker Drilling (de-listed)Rate it:

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