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London Stock Exchange Abbreviations

Browse 3,311 acronyms and abbreviations related to the London Stock Exchange terminology and jargon.

0P3YAlapis Ordinary shares (de-listed)Rate it:
0P3ZCofigeo OrdRate it:
0P40Bioera OrdRate it:
0P41Ratti OrdRate it:
0P42Demag Cranes OrRate it:
0P43Edinburgh PrefRate it:
0P44Edinburgh Ni TrRate it:
0P45Edinburgu UnitsRate it:
0P46Coca-cola EnterRate it:
0P47Postnl OrdRate it:
0P48Moberg Derma OrRate it:
0P49FinnvedenbultenRate it:
0P4AAreva OrdRate it:
0P4BTransmode HoldiRate it:
0P4CAccell Group, N.V. Ordinary Shares (de-listed)Rate it:
0P4ESued Chemie V ORate it:
0P4FFord Motor OrdRate it:
0P4GADC Africa Development (de-listed)Rate it:
0P4JWitte Molen OrdRate it:
0P4KArcher OrdRate it:
0P4LNew World OrdRate it:
0P4NAgricultural BaRate it:
30OCMl Bank SinopacRate it:
31AHMorgan St.certsRate it:
31KXLukoil'b'gdr ARate it:

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