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Mathematics Abbreviations

Browse 3,208 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Mathematics terminology and jargon.

SASheet of AssertionRate it:
SACSymbolic and Algebraic ComputationRate it:
SACCOStatistical Analysis of Computer Code OutputsRate it:
SADSum of Absolute DifferencesRate it:
SAFSimple Aggregation FormatRate it:
SALESimplified Arbitrary Lagrangian EulerianRate it:
SALTSemi Analytic Liu TheoryRate it:
SAMBAStatistical Algorithmic Method for Bicluster AnalysisRate it:
SAMOSensitivity Analysis of Model OutputRate it:
SAMPIScience and Mathematics Program ImprovementRate it:
SAMSSummer Academy for Mathematics and ScienceRate it:
SAPSimultaneous Algebric ProgramsRate it:
SARIMASeasonal Auto Regressive Integrated Moving AverageRate it:
SASSide Angle SideRate it:
SATScholastic Aptitude TestRate it:
SATSupplementary Angle TheoremRate it:
SAXShort AXisRate it:
SBCSchwarz Bayesian CriterionRate it:
SBRSimilarity-Based ReasoningRate it:
SCSelf ConsistentRate it:
SCARShape-Constrained Additive RegressionRate it:
SCDFSpatial Cumulative Distribution FunctionRate it:
SCHSingular Cardinals HypothesisRate it:
SCOSingle Crossing OverRate it:
SCRSimultaneous Confidence RegionsRate it:

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