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DAEDifferential Algebraic Equation    
DAGDirected Acyclic Graph    
DALIDigital Analysis of Lattice Images    
DASDouble Asymptotic Scaling    
DASPDistributive Analysis Statistical Package    
DBDouble Blind    
DBDDDual Binary Decision Diagram    
DBDHDecisional Bilinear Diffie-Hellman    
DBMDifference Bounded Matrices    
DBSdouble-blind study    
DCDifference of Convex functions    
DCDoesn't Care    
DCCDescending Chain Condition    
DCEDon't Care Expression    
DCIDirected Cayley Isomorphism    
DCOGDifferential Curve Of Growth    
DCOTDouble precision trigonometric COTangent    
DCPDifferential Characteristic Probability    
DCTDiscrete Cosine Transformation    
DDDefault Distribution    
DDCData Differentiator Code    
DDDDot Dot Dot    

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