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AC'A' Complement    
ACAdded Constraint    
ACArc Consistency    
ACAssumption Context    
ACAxiom of Choice    
ACAAdaptive Conjoint Analysis    
ACAArithmetic Comprehension Axiom    
ACCAdaptive Combinations of Classifiers    
ACCAscending Chain Condition    
ACEAdvanced Coset Enumerator    
ACEAlternating Conditional Expectation    
ACEAmbient Computational Environment    
ACEAnalyzing Combination Effects    
ACELPAlgebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction    
ACHRAxiomatic Combinatorial Hamiltonian Recursive    
ACIPAbsolutely Continuous Invariant Probability    
ACMAlternative Calculation Method    
ACSAuxiliary Constraint Set    
ADAverage Difference    
ADEAlgebraic Differential Equation    
ADFAmplitude-Dependent Function    
ADFAugmented Dickey-Fuller    
ADFTAdaptive Discrete Fourier Transform    
ADFTAugmented Dickey-Fuller Test    

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