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Mathematics Abbreviations

Browse 3,208 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Mathematics terminology and jargon.

AFDAAlgebra Functions and Data AnalysisRate it:
AFEMAdvanced Finite Element MethodsRate it:
AFENAnalytic Function Expansion NodalRate it:
AFGArbitrary Function GeneratorRate it:
AFMCAuxiliary Field Monte CarloRate it:
AFPAbstract Family of PowerRate it:
AGAlways GenerallyRate it:
AGAlgebraic GraphRate it:
AGDRAdaptive Geographical DTN RoutingRate it:
AGGAggregateRate it:
AGMArithmetic Geometric MeanRate it:
AGSAlgebra Geometry And StatisticsRate it:
AGTAnomalous Gauge TheoryRate it:
AGTPAutomated Geometry Theorem ProvingRate it:
AGWsAcoustic-Gravity WavesRate it:
AHArithmetical HierarchyRate it:
AHalgebra AHRate it:
AHPAnalytic Hierarchy ProcessRate it:
AIAlgebraically IndependentRate it:
AIAll InclusiveRate it:
AICAkaike Information CriterionRate it:
AICcAkaike Information Criterion, correctedRate it:
AIMAll Inclusive MethodRate it:
AIMAdvanced Integration MethodRate it:
AIMAlice Interactive MathematicsRate it:

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