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Mathematics Abbreviations

Browse 3,208 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Mathematics terminology and jargon.

POSProduct Of SumsRate it:
POWPOWer functionRate it:
POWProblem Of the WeekRate it:
PPPiecewise PolynomialRate it:
PPAPseudorotation Phase AngleRate it:
PPAPencil And Paper ArithmeticRate it:
PPAPolynomial Parity ArgumentRate it:
PPLPemberville Public LibraryRate it:
PPMDASParentheses, Powers, Multiplication, Division, Addition, SubtractionRate it:
PPSPattern Probability StrategyRate it:
PPSProvider Power SeriesRate it:
PPSProbability Proportional to SizeRate it:
PPTProbabilistic Polynomial TimeRate it:
PPVPositive Predictive ValueRate it:
PPVpositive predictive value(s)Rate it:
PRPRobabilityRate it:
PRProofRate it:
PRDTPassive Rule Design ToolRate it:
PREProportional Reduction of ErrorRate it:
PRESSPrediction Residual Error Sum of SquaresRate it:
PRIMPatient Rule Induction MethodRate it:
PRIMEPromoting Reform In Mathematics EducationRate it:
PRIMEPlatonic Realms Interactive Mathematics EncyclopediaRate it:
PRIMESProgram for Research in Mathematics Engineering and ScienceRate it:
PRISMPacific Regional Institute For Science And MathematicsRate it:

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