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Mathematics Abbreviations

Browse 3,192 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Mathematics terminology and jargon.

QKPQuadratic Knapsack ProblemRate it:
QLQuantities of Large ....Rate it:
QLRQuandt Likelihood RatioRate it:
QMQuantitative MethodsRate it:
QMCQuadratic Matrix ConstraintRate it:
QMRQuasi-Minimal ResidualRate it:
QNLQuadratic Non-LinearRate it:
QNPQuantifying into NPRate it:
QOQuantifier OrderRate it:
QOVQuasi-Option ValueRate it:
QOVQuasi Optimal ValueRate it:
QPQuadratic ProgrammingRate it:
QPQualitative ProbabilityRate it:
QPQuadrature PolynomialRate it:
QPQuasi PolynomialRate it:
QPCAQuadratic Principal Component AnalysisRate it:
QPCAQuadtree Principal Components AnalysisRate it:
QPNQuadrapole Precision NetworkRate it:
QPNQuasi- Positive Definite Function in N spaceRate it:
QPPQuadratic Permutation PolynomialRate it:
QQPQuadratically-constrained Quadratic ProgramRate it:
QSQuadratic SolvabilityRate it:
QSQuaternion ScaleRate it:
QSDQuantized Spatial DecompositionRate it:
QTQuasi TransverseRate it:

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