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Mathematics Abbreviations

Browse 3,090 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Mathematics terminology and jargon.

RDSreliable data spanRate it:
RERegular ExpressionRate it:
RERandom EntryRate it:
REVRepresentative Elementary VolumeRate it:
RFRange FoldedRate it:
RFRegressive FunctionRate it:
RFRelational and FunctionalRate it:
RFRecursive ForcedRate it:
RFRotation FunctionRate it:
RFBRandom Field BetRate it:
RFIFRecurrent Fractal Interpolating FunctionRate it:
RFPRandom Fractal PatternRate it:
RFPRRelative False Positive RateRate it:
RGReference GroupRate it:
RGRegression GraphRate it:
RGRescher-Gaines logicRate it:
RGReGressionRate it:
RGRenormalization GroupRate it:
RGMLRDF Graph Modeling LanguageRate it:
RGTRandom Gauge TransformationRate it:
RHRestricted HierarchicalRate it:
RHRiemann HypothesisRate it:
RHRadius HeightRate it:
RHFReduced Hermite FormRate it:
RHPRight Half PlaneRate it:

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