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Mathematics Abbreviations

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RQARecurrence Quantification AnalysisRate it:
RQERobust Quality EstimatorRate it:
RQIRayleigh Quotient IterationRate it:
RRRelevant RanksRate it:
RRRisk RatioRate it:
RRrelative riskRate it:
RRrate ratioRate it:
RRDReduced Resolution DatasetRate it:
RRMSEPRelative Root Mean Square Error of PredictionRate it:
RRRRelative Risk ReductionRate it:
RRTRotation Rotation TranslationRate it:
RRVReal Random VariableRate it:
RRXRank Regression on XRate it:
RRYRank Regression on YRate it:
RSRandom SeedRate it:
RSBPRegular Square Based PyramidalRate it:
RSCRectangular Solid CoreRate it:
RSDResidual Standard DeviationRate it:
RSDRelative Standard DeviationRate it:
RSERelative Standard ErrorRate it:
RSIRelative Strength IndicatorRate it:
RSIRigid Shape InterpolationRate it:
RSMResponse Surface MethodologyRate it:
RSMRussian School of MathematicsRate it:
RSNReducible Sub NetRate it:

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