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Mathematics Abbreviations

Browse 3,204 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Mathematics terminology and jargon.

RMSEPRoot Mean Square Error of PredictionRate it:
RNRenumberingRate it:
RNRecursive NormalizationRate it:
RNRandom NumberRate it:
RNResponse NumericalRate it:
RNRule NameRate it:
RNResult NumberRate it:
RNRoman NumeralRate it:
RNDRoundRate it:
RNGRandom Number GeneratorRate it:
RNGRangeRate it:
RNNReverse Nearest NeighborRate it:
ROCRadius Of CurvatureRate it:
ROIFReduced Order Information FilterRate it:
ROILReverse Opt In ListRate it:
ROMRough Order of MagnitudeRate it:
RORRejection of Outliers by RotationRate it:
RORIRule Out, Rule InRate it:
RPDARobust Partial Discriminant AnalysisRate it:
RPIReverse Puiseux InequalitiesRate it:
RPNReverse Polish NotationRate it:
RPTRelative Prime TransformRate it:
RPTRenormalized Perturbation TheoryRate it:
RPTRushing Paper TimeRate it:
RQARecurrence Quantification AnalysisRate it:

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