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(AC)abdominal circumferenceRate it:
(CPAP)continuous positive airway pressureRate it:
(CRL)Crown-Rump LengthRate it:
(HC)head circumferenceRate it:
+Present or NotedRate it:
++Present SignificantlyRate it:
+++Present in ExcessRate it:
+/-Uncertain/equivocalRate it:
0Not Present OR No abnormalityRate it:
2VHPVBivalent HPV VaccineRate it:
3OK or SatisfactoryRate it:
3D_USThree Dimensional UltrasonographyRate it:
3TCLamivudineRate it:
6 MMPMatrix metalloproteinasesRate it:
6TGN6-thioguanine nucleotideRate it:
=Equivalent toRate it:
aarteryRate it:
AAnkle Jerk/ReflexRate it:
AAdumbrationRate it:
A&BApnea and BradycardiaRate it:
A&Iallergy and immunologyRate it:
A&OAlert and OrientedRate it:
A-MArtery-to-MuscleRate it:
a.aamino acidsRate it:
a.a.of each (from Latin ana ana)Rate it:

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