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AFIRMArmed Forces Institute of Regenerative MedicineRate it:
AFIXAssessment, Feedback, Incentives and eXchangeRate it:
AFLatrial flutterRate it:
AFLPacute fatty liver of pregnancyRate it:
AFMAMAir Force Medical Applications ModelRate it:
AFMEArmed Forces Medical ExaminersRate it:
AFOAnkle Foot OrthoticsRate it:
AFORAAdalimumab as a Predictive Factor of Clinical Outcomes in Rheumatoid ArthritisRate it:
AFRAccidental Fecal ReleaseRate it:
AFSMAsian Federation of Sports MedicineRate it:
AFSOFanterior fontanelle soft, open, flatRate it:
AFVSSAfebrile, Vital Signs StableRate it:
AgantigenRate it:
AGAanti-gliadin antibodiesRate it:
AGBGAndrogen-Glucocorticoid-Binding GlobulinRate it:
AGCatypical glandular cellsRate it:
AGCBAutomated Gun Core BiopsyRate it:
AGDAnogenital DistanceRate it:
AGEPacute generalized exanthematous pustulosisRate it:
AGISAdvanced Glaucoma Intervention StudyRate it:
AGNacute glomerulonephritisRate it:
AGWsAnoGenital WartsRate it:
AHauditory hallucinationsRate it:
AHAHASAccreditable Hospital And Health-Care Administration SystemRate it:
AHDarteriosclerotic heart diseaseRate it:

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