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DCRDigitally Composited RadiographRate it:
DDDevice DeficiencyRate it:
DEHDental HygienistRate it:
DIADigital Image AnalysisRate it:
DINDeutches Institut fur Normung (Germany)Rate it:
DMFDose Modifying FactorRate it:
DMLCDynamic Multi-Leaf CollimatorRate it:
DRPROFDoctor-ProfessorRate it:
DRRDigitally Reconstructed RadiographRate it:
DSRDigital Subtraction RadiographyRate it:
DVDiagnostic VariableRate it:
DVHDose-Volume HistogramRate it:
EBFElectron Backscatter FactorRate it:
ECGElectroCardioGramRate it:
EDXAEnergy-Dispersive X-ray AnalysisRate it:
EEGElectroEncephaloGraphyRate it:
EFOMPEuropean Federation of Organisations for Medical PhysicsRate it:
ERElectrical ResistanceRate it:
ERCPEndoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatographyRate it:
ESTROEuropean Society for Therapeutic Radiology and OncologyRate it:
EUSEndoscopic UltraSoundRate it:
FCPSFellowship of the College of Physicians and SurgeonsRate it:
FDGFluoroDeoxyGlucoseRate it:
FIFField In FieldRate it:
fMRIfunctional magnetic resonance imagingRate it:

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