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POLIOAbbreviation for "poliomyelitis"    
PPPair Production    
PSDLPrimary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory    
PSFPeak-Scatter Factor    
RDFRelative Dose Factor    
REFRelative Exposure Factor    
REVRoom's Eye View    
RFRadio Frequency    
RFARadiation Field Analyser    
RGSRespiratory Gated System    
RPCRadiological Physics Center    
RPORadiation Protection Officer    
RSLRadioactive Seed Localization    
RTARetinal Thickness Analysis    
RTBMReal-Time Brain Mapping    
RTCIReal-Time Compound Imaging    
RVRecord and Verify    
SADSource-Axis Distance    
SARScatter-Air Ratio    
SCDSource-Collimator Distance    
SESpin Echo    
SEBIStereotactic External Beam Irradiation    

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