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Meteorology Abbreviations

Browse 2,028 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Meteorology terminology and jargon.

SWEATSevere Weather Threat IndexRate it:
SWISea Water IntrusionRate it:
SWIMSolar Wind Interplanetary MeasurementsRate it:
SWNSpace Weather NowRate it:
SWOStaff Weather OfficerRate it:
SWOSevere Weather OfficeRate it:
SWODY1Severe Weather Outlook Day 1Rate it:
SWODY2Severe Weather Outlook Day 2Rate it:
SWPSevere Weather Probability OverlayRate it:
SWWSpace Weather WeekRate it:
SXISolar X-ray ImagerRate it:
T2Technology transferRate it:
TABTerrain Atmosphere And BeatRate it:
TACWXTactical weatherRate it:
TAFTerminal Area ForecastRate it:
TAFTerminal Aerodrome ForecastRate it:
TAFORTerminal Aerodrome ForecastRate it:
TAGTrans Atlantic GeotraverseRate it:
TAMSTransportable Automated Meteorological StationRate it:
TAMSSTarget Area Meteorological Sensor SystemRate it:
TAOTropical Atmosphere OceanRate it:
TAPTrophospheric Aerosol ParticlesRate it:
TATTotal Air TemperatureRate it:
TBSSThree Body Scatter SpikeRate it:
tBTEMTwo-Band Target Entropy MinimizationRate it:

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