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TMZTushinskiy Mashinistroitel'nyy ZavodRate it:
TNTarget NumberRate it:
TNATraining Needs AnalysisRate it:
TNAPSTactical Network Analysis and Planning SystemRate it:
TNAPS+Tactical Network Analysis and Planning System PlusRate it:
TNAZTrinitroazetidineRate it:
TNBHITotal Non-Battle Hand InjuriesRate it:
TNCTheater Network Operations (NETOPS) CenterRate it:
TNCCTheater Network Operations (NETOPS) Control CenterRate it:
TNCOTransnational Criminal OrganizationRate it:
TNDThermonuclear deviceRate it:
TNETTraining NetworkRate it:
TNFTheater Nuclear ForceRate it:
TNGTrainingRate it:
TNITentara Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian Armed Forces)Rate it:
TNITraining Need IdentificationRate it:
TNKTankRate it:
TNLTarget Nomination ListRate it:
TNMCSTotal Not Mission Capable SupplyRate it:
TNOTrust No OneRate it:
TNPTake No PrisonersRate it:
TNSTop Notch SnipersRate it:
TNSTactical Name ServerRate it:
TNSTactical Name ServiceRate it:
TNTTrinitrotoluene (dynamite)Rate it:

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