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Browse 32,079 acronyms and abbreviations related to the Military terminology and jargon.

THMPTerminal Homing Munitions ProjectileRate it:
THMTTactical High Mobility TerminalRate it:
THOTarget Hand-OffRate it:
THQTehsil Headquarters (Pakistan)Rate it:
THQTheater Head QuartersRate it:
THSTactical Harness SystemRate it:
THWThe Hidden WarsRate it:
THZTeraHertzRate it:
TITortured IndividualRate it:
TITechnical InformationRate it:
TITransferred InRate it:
TIThreat IdentificationRate it:
TITraining InstructorRate it:
TITechnical InstructionsRate it:
TITactical InternetRate it:
TITCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)Rate it:
TIATactical Intelligance AgencyRate it:
TIATotal Information AwarenessRate it:
TIAThe Independent ArmyRate it:
TIAPTheater Intelligence Architecture ProgramRate it:
TIARATactical Intelligence And Related ActivitiesRate it:
TIARATactical Intelligence Analysis and Reporting ApplicationRate it:
TIASTotal Information Awareness SystemRate it:
TIBTactically Ignoring BehaviorsRate it:
TIBToxic Industrial BiologicalRate it:

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