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Browse 13,107 acronyms and abbreviations related to the NASA terminology and jargon.

AITAstronauts In TroubleRate it:
AITAerITaliaRate it:
AIUAbort Interface UnitRate it:
AIUAvionics Interface UnitRate it:
AIVAssembly-Integration-VerificationRate it:
AJAssembly JigRate it:
AK2080% Azotna Kislota + 20% N2O4Rate it:
AK20F80% nitric acid + 20% N2O4 + fluorine passivant (AK = Azotna Kislota = Nitric Acid)Rate it:
AK20I80% nitric acid + 20% N2O4 + Iodine passivant (AK = Azotna Kislota = Nitric Acid)Rate it:
AK27I73% nitric acid + 27% N2O4 + Iodine passivant (AK = Azotna Kislota = Nitric Acid)Rate it:
AKMApogee Kick MotorRate it:
ALAir LockRate it:
AL/EMUAir Lock/Extravehicular Mobility UnitRate it:
ALAEAtmospheric Lyman Alpha ExperimentRate it:
ALASApproach/Landing Autopilot SystemRate it:
ALASAutomatic Landing Autopilot SubsystemRate it:
ALCAft Load ControllerRate it:
ALCAir Logistics CenterRate it:
ALCAudio Load CompensatorRate it:
ALCAugmented Landing SiteRate it:
ALCAutomatic Level ControlRate it:
ALCAutomatic Light ControlRate it:
ALCAAft Load Control AssemblyRate it:
ALCAAutomatic Level Control AssemblyRate it:
ALDAircraft Landing DynamicsRate it:

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