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Browse 13,106 acronyms and abbreviations related to the NASA terminology and jargon.

AMFAbort Motor FacilityRate it:
AMFApogee Motor FiringRate it:
AMFAstronaut Memorial FoundationRate it:
AMGActivation Management GroupRate it:
AMIAbsolute Memory ImageRate it:
AMIAirspeed Mach IndicatorRate it:
AMIAlpha/Mach IndicatorRate it:
AMLApproved Materials ListRate it:
AMLCAsynchronous Multiline ControllerRate it:
AMOOSAdvanced Maneuvering Orbit-to-Orbit ShuttleRate it:
AMPAMPlifierRate it:
AMPRAeronautical Manufacturers' Planning ReportRate it:
AMPRAdvanced Microwave Precipitation RadiometerRate it:
AMPSAtmosphere, Magnetosphere, and Plasmas in SpaceRate it:
AMPSAtmospheric Magnetospheric Plasma SystemRate it:
AMPTEActive Magnetospheric Particle Tracer ExplorerRate it:
AMPUAutomated Maneuver Planning UtilityRate it:
AMRAtlantic Missile RangeRate it:
AMRVAstronaut Maneuvering VehicleRate it:
AMSAutomatic Maintenance SchedulerRate it:
AMSAcoustic Measurement SystemRate it:
AMSActuation Mechanism SubsystemRate it:
AMSAMplifier SubsystemRate it:
AMSUAdvanced Microwave Sounding UnitRate it:
ANAnalogRate it:

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